👋 Introduction

What is BNBS Space?

TLDR: 🥯 BNBS Space is a yield optimizer. 🚀

Defi strategies normally would require interactions with multiple protocols, risk monitoring and cumbersome manual executions such as rebalancing and compounding. We make it easy for users who want to ride onto strategies deployed by the vaults, without needing to actively manage their strategies.

BNBS Space aims to become the go-to vault for executing strategies to achieve yield in defi protocols. We do this by offering one-click vaults to participate in institutional-grade strategies (they are called Vaults), unlocking capital efficiency while sleeping soundly.

BNBS Space started off in January 2022 by offering yield auto-compounding vaults. These vaults offer the simple strategy of enhancing yield by reinvesting the yield back into the Liquidity Pool tokens. With that experience as background, BNBS space is now moving into more complex defi vault strategies.

Just like the real BNBS, our vaults are layered, rich and sweet.

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