Why Defi vault?

Defi vault (aka DeFi) is a collection of users' funds automatically executed using smart contracts based on a specific strategy. Defi vaults automatically optimize the return on the funds provided. They are suitable for users with smaller portfolio, as users can save significantly on transaction fees.

Defi vault also catered to users who wanted exposure to the yield from the various defi protocols but do not have the time to manage it to maximise their yields. In other words, we manage your vaults.

Vaults can range in complexity and risk, with some using single asset deposits and some utilise more complex strategies that involve multiple protocols and transaction types.

By collating users’ funds to execute on a certain strategy, defi vault has several advantages:

1) save on gas fees;

2) automate many manual steps by using smart contract and automation;

3) simplify entry into complex strategies;

4) less hassle, no need to monitor actively.

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