Vault Architecture

A description of the general vault architecture.

Vault Capacity

Vaults have a limited capacity which when filled, will be closed for deposits. The vault capacity is to ensure that vault quality, that it has sufficient funds or sufficient market liquidity to execute its strategies.

Lockup period

Most vaults are open for deposit and withdrawals any time and there are no lock-up period till date (as of Q2 2023). However, selected future vault may have a lock-up period depending on the strategies.

Vault fees

Each vault has a fee structure depending on the nature and complexity to maintain the vault. Most vault will charge a one-time withdrawal fee. While more complex managed vault might charge other fees. Refer to the individual vaults for fee structure.

Vault yield

Vault yields are boosted by auto-compounding or through leverage. Yields are historical, the team will try to use the most accurate representation of historical data, usually 30 day average to best represent projected yields. We will not use data points that mislead including data that is artificially inflated when vault first launched.

Vault Auto-Rebalancing

Our Leverage Vaults auto rebalances based on risk management rules. Rebalancing adjusts the leverage positions to ensure that borrowed assets are protected, for example during a market downturn. The vault has an upper and lower bound ratio for leveraging up based on our backtesting data.

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