🍰 $FX Delegation Vault

The $FX Delegation Vault will auto-compound user's $FX delegation rewards and delegate them to all the validator nodes. $FX tokens in the vault will be delegated to Function X Validator nodes.

Apart from auto compounding benefits, $FX are evenly distributed to multiple validators which reduces slashing risk or non-performing validators.

BNBS has deployed the vault to f(x)Core Mainnet.



Vault delegates $FX to Function X delegators and help auto-compounded $FX rewards


For $FX holders that like to earn auto-compounded yield

Yield Source

$FX delegation and $BNBS rewards


Principal protected as $FX is delegated to validator nodes.


$FX and $BNBS

Start Date

August 2023

Withdrawal fees

0.5% of the withdrawal amount; will be redelegated back to the vault and shared amongst vault LPs.

Management fees

5% of the yield (principal is not charged)

Compounder fees/ reward

0.1% of the yield as compounder fees, and given to the address that initiated the claim so the compounder compounder will help everyone collect fees and earn the compounder fee as reward (platform does not take any).

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