🍰 f(x)Swap Vault

🍰 f(x)Swap Vault

By providing LP tokens from f(x)Swap in BNBS, users can:

  • harvest 100% of earnings from f(x)Swap

  • auto harvest LP profits and reinvest back, including auto buy-sell single-sided rewards and creating LP and putting back into farm. Eg: if you receive $FX as reward and your LP is $FX-$WETH, the vault will sell half of $FX to $WETH and reinvested back as LPs.

  • get $BNBS tokens through inflationary rewards

In some circumstances, we expect the APYs will be 2 - 3X of what you provide directly on f(x)Swap. Eg: if your FX-WETH LP gives you X% APY, by letting us help you auto harvest and get BNBS rewards, your APY will increase to 2 - 3X. Very importantly, each pool is different so DYOR.



Deposit f(x)Swap LP tokens into vault to earn $BNBS inflationary rewards. Yields from LP tokens are reinvested to further enhance returns.

Yield Source

f(x)Swap farm yields and BNBS

Principal Protection

No principal risk. No credit risk as LP in the vault is not lent out.

Principal Lockup

No lock up, able to withdraw principal anytime.


Payout in tokens from f(x)Swap and $BNBS.

There is NO lockup for $BNBS rewards

Start date

Q4 2023

Withdrawal Fees

0.5% withdrawal fee

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