A description of the emission rate for the project.

As planned by the protocol, 380,440,000 $BNBS are reserved for staking, airdrop and liquidity purposes to kickstart the project. The rest of the balance 619,560,000 $BNBS tokens will be emitted over a period of time based on the emission plan.

Under the initial phase and first year of the project, 288,000,000 $BNBS has been emitted, bringing the total $BNBS current tokens to 668,583,113 tokens as at March 2023.

The balance of 331,416,886 tokens will be emitted based on the emission schedule as described below.

Emission Rate

Emission rate based on the red line on the emission chart below was the protocol’s original planned emission schedule as at Feb 2022. As token value went up before mainstream adoption, the protocol updated the emission rate in April 2022 based on the green line. Protocol will reduce the emission further if token price goes up faster than our expected rate, as a lower rate will be beneficial to the project and token holders.

Proposed emission of token chart over next 5 years from June 2023 is based on the green curve in the illustration chart below. Emission rate takes into account the expected user base, adoption of the vault services and the token price. These emitted tokens are used mainly for rewards distribution to the users of the platform and for staking rewards.

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